Lost & Found: What to Do if You Lose Your Ring!

Almost every newly-engaged woman has felt that pit in their stomach when they look down and realize their ring is gone, only to remember you took it off to apply lotion, or  unconsciously moved it to another finger. If you haven't had that feeling yet, I hope you never do! There are also times when someone looks down and the ring really is missing. This is an uneasy subject, but it is something that does happen to many people and, if it should (God forbid!) happen to you, its good to know what you can do to get it back.

1. Retrace Your Steps
If you know you had it on this morning and you haven't left the house, then your odds of finding it are good! However, even if you've been out-and-about or in public places this is an important step. Just take a deep breathe and try to remember what you were doing the last time you saw it. Check in all of the unlikely places: pockets, counters, in the cuff of you pants, shoes, under furniture, the trap in your sink!, in your purse, in the garbage. Replay everything you've done up until you noticed it was missing.

2. Ask Around
It never hurts to ask, right? Even if you think it's unlikely, ask owners, managers, roommates, coworkers, and anyone else that you've interacted with that day if they've seen it. If you went into any stores or restaurants be sure to have a manager/owner check their lost and found.

3. File A Police Report
Call the police as soon as possible, but after you've checked out number 1 & 2. You wouldn't want to file a police report only to find it under your couch cushion 10 mins later. Be prepared to give them a detailed description. If you have an appraisal or pictures, have them on hand. Be sure to note the ring size, type of metal, type and size of stones, inscriptions, and any other distinguishing characteristics. Consider offering a reward or finders fee.

4. Check Local Lost and Founds 
Craigslist is a great place to start. Check to see if anyone has found a ring matching your description and take the time to make a 'lost' post. Go out and buy your local newspapers and check the classifieds.

5. Check with local Pawn Shops
Depending on your location, the police may do this for you through a 'pawn shop unit'. (Be sure to ask when you file your report!) Leave a description of the ring with the owners/managers of the pawn shops and let them know you've filed a police report. Be sure to find out if they will charge you a collection fee to get it back if they do find it.

6. Contact/Hire a 'Ring Finder'
Yes, this is a real thing. I had no idea until recently that there are people that will hunt down your ring with metal detectors for a very minimal charge. (Courtesy says to tip them with a reward if found). I spoke with a local ring-finder named Paul Woods who told me he's had a 100% success rate! You can find him, or other ring-finders in your area through their online directory.

7. Follow Up!
This is a hard step, but it's important. You shouldn't feel like a pest when you call back once a week to ask the owners/managers if they've found anything or if any one has turned anything in.

8. File an Insurance Claim
It is heartbreaking to think, but if you've been through the first 7 steps and haven't had any luck, it may be time to find out what your other options are if you don't find your ring. This is not the time to give up the hunt!! Keep looking, but at least you're covered and can get a replacement if necessary.

If you're reading this and you have not had you ring insured, please do so!! It is SO important and SO worth it. The cost is minimal and usually you can bundle it right in with your homeowners or renters policy.

Also ladies, get those rings sized correctly!! If your fingers get smaller in cold weather consider sizing it a quarter size smaller, or buy a 'ring size adjuster' for less than a dollar.

I hope no one reading this has to go through the heartache of losing such a prized and sentimental possession, but if you do, I hope these steps will help to reunite you with your ring!

Popping Questions, Not Bubbles

Once again, engagement season is upon us. Congratulations to all of the beautiful brides-to-be that received sparkling Christmas gifts this year!

Now, let me play this out for you...

The first thing your friends and family members say with be something along the lines of
'Congratulations!' 'Your ring is gorgeous!' 'We're so happy for you!'

Then you'll get share you're engagement story (My favorite part, personally)...
'How did he ask?' 'Was he down on one knee?' 'How romantic!'

Then they get right to the point and hit you with one of these:
'When's the wedding?' 'Have you set the date?'  

If you don't have an answer to the last response - don't fret! It's OK if you don't know. In fact, its completely normal. Odds are you're still in shock... You still get distracted every time your finger sparkles....

Allow me to offer you a bit of advice.

Don't feel rushed to set a date and become Mrs. Happily-ever-after. The two of you will literally have the rest of your lives for that. Enjoy your moment. Enjoy the feel of that ring on your finger. Get used to using the term fiance. Being engaged is just as much a milestone as being married.

So, take it all in and enjoy it.

Some good advice given to me was to write down, in your own words, how he popped the question and your favorite reactions to your engagement so you can look back on those memories one day. Kind of like an engagement/wedding planning journal.

Speaking of your engagement story and your favorite reactions, we'd love to hear about them! Comment below and tell us how he popped the question!